Sennheiser E 600 Drum microphone set

Sennheiser E 600 Drum microphone set

his microphone set by Sennheiser, the E 600 Drumcase, contains all the drum microphones out of the Evolution 600 series that you might need to optimally amplify your drum kit. The set contains the following microphones: one kick drum microphone (E 602-II), four microphones for snare and tom (E 604) and two overhead microphones (E 614). They all have a robust lightweight aluminium body and can therefore take a hit.


E 600 Drumcase: The dynamic microphones for kick, snare and tom

You don't just want to be able to hear a kick drum, you also need to feel it... In order to realise this, Sennheiser have developed the E 602-II. The full warm low tones are wonderfully registered by the dynamic microphone, but the attack is also maintained by the frequency range that leads up to 16 kHz. For the toms and snare of your drum kit, you will find four Sennheiser E 604 microphones in this set. Thanks to the handy clip-on holder, you can attach the microphone to the rim and position it close to the drumhead. This means that you won't be bothered by crosstalk and, thanks to a maximum sound pressure of 160 dB, the sound won't distort easily, either.

Condenser microphone for overheads


The E600 Drumcase is delivered including two Sennheiser E 614 small-diaphragm condenser microphones. They have a super-cardioid pickup pattern and a wide frequency range, so that the sound is registered specifically and in high detail.


The microphone is specifically designed for percussion and as an overhead microphone. It can handle a maximum sound pressure of 139 dB. This means that the sound won't get distorted easily. The E600 Drumcase is a great microphone set that can be used on stage and in the studio.


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