Digico S21

Digico S21

S21 comes complete with dual DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) option card slots, perfect for expandability, as it can interface with industry formats be it Analogue expansion, MADI, Dante, Waves SoundGrid, or Calrec’s Hydra 2 Network. All bases are covered.


DiGiCo's belief in audio quality and road worthy mechanical design has limited their ability to release an affordable introductory product. These values have required the same pioneering approach to design, not to follow the trend but to deliver the flagship for a price point - and change expectations. DiGiCo's S21 does exactly that. By using new, lower cost FPGA components programmed with the same audio algorithms, and combined with a new form of control processor, DiGiCo is able to deliver the S21 with the fundamental technological values at it's core. Running in harmony with the FPGA core is a new ARM QuadCore RISC processor. Delivering faster processing with lower power consumption, this efficient tool, combined with the audio core, has allowed the development of a cost effective console worthy of carrying the DiGiCo brand to existing and new owners and users.


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  • Features

    • 48 Flexi Input Channels
    • 16 Flexi Aux / Sub-Group Busses
    • LR Master Bus
    • 10 x 8 Full Processing Matrix
    • 2 Solo
    • 4 (To Follow) Dynamic Equalizers
    • 4 Assignable DiGiTuBes
    • 4 Assignable Multiband Compressors
    • 8 Digital FX
    • 16 Assignable Graphic Equalizers
    • Optional Waves Integration
    • 96kHz Sample Rate
    • N/A Optics